Organically cultivated Colorado hemp. Nothing we sell is grown anywhere else other than beautiful sunny Colorado!  

Organically cultivated Colorado hemp. Nothing we sell is grown anywhere else other than beautiful sunny Colorado!  


WHat people are saying about Boulder HEMP CBD...

I've been using Hemp Oil now for the better part of 7 months in totality to help combat symptoms of MS, and have been using Boulder Hemp for the last 2 months of if this time. I have found Hemp Oil in general to be extremely beneficial in helping me overcome many of my daily struggles which include Muscle Spasms, Fatigue, Cognitive Disfunction, and Pain. In addition too MS related issues I suffer from. I have also seen improvements in my digestion. That being said, since starting on Boulder Hemp I have found that I experience symptom relief much faster and in smaller doses. I was taking a 20mg dose every day and now only require 5 to 10mg as suggested on the bottle. I hope that this testimonial will help others to choose this wonderful life altering product. Bravo Boulder Hemp!!!

-Cory L. Amityville Harbor, NY


Your CBD tincture is awesome. For me, it is like taking one of those 24-hour antihistamines. Pretty awesome.

-Mike R. Longmont, CO


Doc! Your 15mg CBD capsules are amazing! I have been taking one before my am training motion routine.

-Roberto L. Denver, CO


I have tried your brand of CBD oil and seems to me there is a calming that takes place immediately. I am usually anxious and nervous. Really excited to learn more about your product. I seemed to be happier and more alert then normal so hoping that is also a good effect this product has had on me. 
Please send me more information on this product asap.... 

-Bruce M. Syosset, NY


I started my 13 yr old autistic son on Boulder Hemp capsules 3 weeks ago. I noticed a change immediately. Meltdowns used to occur several times a week. I'm happy to say I haven't seen one since he started the CBD. He's so much calmer & more verbal too. Life is good! 

-Karen C., R.N. San Diego, CA


I was really happy that I discovered Boulder Hemp during Nederland's Frozen Dead Guy Days this Year ( 2017 ).  I have suffered from fairly severe muscle spasms ever since back surgery (a fairly common result from spinal injury or subsequent corrective surgery).  Anti spasmodic Rx drugs all have undesirable side effects, and cannot be taken in the long term.

Very few, if any, side effects of cannabidiol are reported.   I have experienced NONE.  The only initial effect is a mild sensation of increased well-being, which can be ignored or missed if anything happens to distract ones attention right after taking CBD oil.  Considering the latest "truth in advertising" requirements that forced pharmaceutical companies to say what their products' known side effects are, I'd say that this natural product is an excellent choice.  It will likely work, or if not: no harm done. In my case it has worked beautifully.  I have been very careful not to over-use CBD oil, because I want to preserve its effectiveness for as long as possible.

Thanks Guys

-Garry, Denver, CO


I discovered Boulder Hemp recently, and got interested in their CBD lotion.  It has been reported to be a beneficial anti-inflammatory agent for skin problems.  I suffer from Rosacea, which is thought to be caused by excessive swelling of capillaries just below the surface of skin.  Eventually these blood vessels break and the skin becomes damaged due to the leakage that happens.  Because the problem persists, there is no chance for healing, and the condition worsens.  I have tried three separate Dermatologist prescribed lotions.  They worked a little, but not so much.  I knew there was no guarantee that CBD lotion would help, but it really did work well.  My skin has gone from a persistent blush to a nearly normal coloration and the associated raw and flaky patches have nearly healed.  This has happened after four weeks and a few days of CBD lotion use.

I am very happy I tried the Boulder Hemp product.
-Maggie, Denver, CO